Ubuntu is an African philosophy: The belief that we are defined by the compassion and kindness we show to others. It is the dedication to the relationship between people.
In other words: I am because We are. 
'Ubuntu’ is the second interdisciplinary show I produced. It is all about the need for human connection & compassion. I contacted filmmakers from all over the world to send in films about things that affect them because it portrays a lack of compassion. We expanded their visual story through dance and music.'Ubuntu' tells the story of war, refugees, poverty, repression, but most importantly; hope.

Production and composition: Aura Bouw

Performing musicians: Nicci Nova, Emiel Scholsberg, Koen Wijnen en Mirthe de Jonge. 
Dance: Emma Versluys
Edit film: Maaike de Haard 
Visual presentation: Ian Biscoe, Maaike de Haard, Aura Bouw