Although I love composing in order to create the vision of someone else, I have started to create my own productions where I work as composer but also as artistic leader.
I felt the need to do this because I feel there are so many stories still to tell, including my own.

My first interdisciplinary show was Actias Luna (2018)
My second, Ubuntu (2019)

Actias Luna was a show that told my story. Ubuntu was the show that told the stories of others that I felt needed an audience.

Currently, I am working on my first opera.
The story to this opera is very important to me and I think very relevant. You can read about the opera here.


Fun fact:
On the day of Ubuntu's premiere, I got the news that the lead singer lost her voice and could not perform.
Other than her, I was the only one that knew the 50 minutes of music, so decided this was going to be my first time singing in front of people. I was terrified, but it is a fond memory :)