No Evil

In the past two years Aura Bouw created ‘Actias Luna’ and ‘Ubuntu’ which are full blown interdisciplinary shows containing film, electronic music, classical musicians, a rockband and dance. 

After the success of these shows, the next logical step for Aura was to complete the trilogy centered around human division and connection by creating a trailblazing opera with working title ‘No Evil’. 

'No Evil' takes the philosophy of the three wise monkeys and will present it from a different perspective. 
What happens when we don't want to see what is really going on? When we don't want to listen? When we won't say what needs to change? These are the questions that 'No Evil' will ask and answer. 

For this opera, Aura is working closely with soprano singer Markéta Palová and director Peerke Malschaert. With an assembly of musicians and with audiovisual technologies creating a 'living decor', they will create an experience that will submerge the audience into another world.