INTEGRA at the LocHal

October 2019

INTEGRA performant 'Oenomel' at the LocHal event: Tracking Tilburg.

Oenomel at November Music

November 2019

My Composition 'Oenomel' was Performed at November Music by INTEGRA and ensemble FC Jongbloed, led (and performed) by Aart Strootman. 


December 2019

Composed the music for Re:Bron, a dance-film by Annemijn and Fleur Bax about getting up. 
Pre-premiere at Cinecitta Tilburg.

Premiere of UBUNTU

May 2019

An interdisciplinary show with film, dance, pre-recorded soundtrack and live music, that is all about the need for compassion and the effects of kindness. 

Ubuntu at Boulevard

August 2019

Ubuntu was performed again at TheaterFestival Boulevard!

INTEGRA in Italy

October 2019

INTEGRA Performing 'Oenomel' in a WO II bunker in Bolzano, Italy.

INTEGRA - Night of the Arts

December 2018

A composition for the duo INTEGRA. Electric Guitar, Saxophone & Soundscape. Premiered at the festival: Night of the Arts.

INTEGRA - Week vd Hedendaagse Muziek

February 2019

A composition for the duo INTEGRA. Electric Guitar, Saxophone & Soundscape. Performed at FHK in honor of The Week Of Contemporary Music.


May 2019

A composition for guitar duo consisting of Meng Wan and Filippo Vitale. 
Soundtrack + augmented classical guitar with Reverb. 

I wrote and produced a composition for choreographer Piet van Dycke who organizes a show which shows his interest in different perspectives of reality and its hidden absurdities.

This show got awarded the
'Jacques de leeuw prijs'. 

May 2018


This concert is created by Aura Bouw. The music will explore the boundaries of different music-genres, pre-recorded soundtracks and live performances in combination with film (by Fleur Bax). 


Performed live by: Markéta Palová, Koen Wijnen, Michelle van Malsen, Alison Shek, Marinken van de Velde, Hanna de Bruin, Theo Decloedt and Manon Berendschot.  

June 2018

Actias Luna

FC Jongloed performing my composition for electric guitar, cello and violin.Under direction of Aart Strootman. 

November 2018

November Music 

'A Guiding Light' will not only be performed at November Music, but also at 'De Link' (Tilburg). 

November 2017

A Guiding Light - De Link 

A composition for a show of Panama Pictures: GO NORTH and see what those strangers do. Together with choreographer Pia Meuthen and composers Strijbos &VanRijswijk. 
Photograph by: Rob Hogeslag.

October - December 2017

GO NORTH and see what those strangers do

A composition of the fourth edition of a show where Composer Meets Choreographer.  
This show is a part of the festival: Night of the Arts. 

Photograph by: Piet Kuijten

December 2017


I wrote an experimental compositionfor a piano-duo called: "Duo Cross" .Quatre Mains inspired by Minimal Music.

June 2017

4 Fun (Quatre Mains)

Helping with the production and the musical installations of the Dutch Design Week Music Lab

October 2017

Dutch Design Music Lab

November Music is an annual festival that showcases new music (in Den Bosch). This year I, and other composers, have written a composition inspired by Minimal Music for an ensemble led by Aart Strootman.

November, 2017

November Music - A Guiding Light

A composition written for the ensemble Soprano: Marketa Palova and Guitar: Johan Timmermans. Inspired by Gregorian melodies in combination with a recorded soundtrack.

March 2017

The Moon & The Sun

A composition made in the Analog Sound-Production studio at Willem Twee (Toonzaal) in Den Bosch. 

April 2017

Under Ice 

A composition for an ensemble: 
Mezzo-sopraan: Marinken van de Velde,
Piano: Rosalie Zoetmulders,Flute: Miriam De Wolf.
Inspired by Gregorian melodies. 

June 2017

When The Snow Melts

A composition for the ' Sylenthesizer' - a design by Michelle Blondeel. The Sylenthesizer is a musical instrument that alerts the audience of the strength of silence. It has the exact opposite working of a synthesizer (or most instruments) in that it is not silent by itself and creates sound if played, but the notes of the instrument are constantly present until the keys are pressed and the sounds disappear. Instead of putting sound into silence, you now put silence into sound. 

May 2016

Frame Of Sound

After a masterclass about the instrument, I wrote a composition for the carillon (beiaard) which was performed on the carillon in Tilburg and Roosendaal. 

June - September 2016

Timeless Bells

A composition of the third edition
of a show where choreographer
meets composer.  

This show is a part of the festival:
Night of the Arts. 

December 2016


A composition of the second edition of a show where choreographer meets composer. This show is a part of the festival: Night of the Arts.  

Photograph by: Rob Bakker

December 2015


I wrote and recorded for a show which was created in collaboration with circus artists, dancers and visual designers. 
The music
 served as a soundtrack for the dancers and circus artists. 

April 2016


A composition formezzo-soprano: Marinken van de Velde,soprano: Enide Lebrocquy and pianist: Michelle Lim Tayo. 

May 2016

I Hold The Key