Last Resistance is a duet between the grasping body of a young man and the clear, warm voice of the messages he plays, again and again and again. Holding on to what he still has, in a desperate attempt to hear from the voice how he should continue living, how to carry the cold sweat on his body without her. 

Last Resistance unfolds fragmentarily, like a fever dream. The exact timeline of events, origins, relationships and consequences is not shown. The public only has access to the one-sided information from the voice. What has happened is indefinite, but what it does to the body is inevitable. The performer's long, limber and at the same time brittle limbs suppress, gathering tension and eagerly interlock in search of control. To then burst again, at the most impossible moments, to wave around like unguided wreckages, looking for hope and salvation, for breath, for space for light or enlightenment. 


“Nobody really tells you this, but sometimes, the healing hurts more than the wound. Yet I want you to know darling, that a healed person can love you to death and never speak to you again. I need you to understand that.” – part of the monolgue

Last Resistance will premiere in the summer of  2021 in theater De Nieuwe Vorst, Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Created and written by Annemijn Rijk.

Music by Aura Bouw

Photography by William van der Voort