The 22 year old Dutch composer Aura Bouw, is best known for her interdisciplinary shows and her imaginative way of storytelling. 

When composing her music, she first creates the story she wants to tell. 
Stories that are confronting and full of compassion and connection.
Story is key and breaks through any borders that music-genres create.
This is why her music is best to be described as crossover. 


In the past two years she created ‘Actias Luna’ and ‘Ubuntu’ which are full blown interdisciplinary shows containing film, classical musicians, a rockband and dance. 

After the success of these shows, Aura is completing the trilogy centered around human division and connection by creating her own opera. 


The creation of her own opera was the next logical step after the success of her past interdisciplinary shows, in which she was not only inspired by the story and the people she was working with, but also by her past of being an electric guitarist, recently obtaining her bachelor degree in classical composition and her current investigation into electronic music and new audiovisual technologies. 


Aura lives in Tilburg, where next to composing music, she also enjoys painting and likes to clear her head by riding her motorcycle. 

If you would like to keep track of what Aura is doing, you can go to her website:

Anthony Fiumara:
“When going to Aura’s shows, you enter a story
where you see the world through Aura’s eyes,
which is very touching”.