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In darkness there appears a guiding light.
Expanding, dividing and bonding. 

On a journey to existence, a new creation finds it's way into a world of wonders. 
Welcomed into the arms of love and opportunity.

To Be Born

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It is time for change.
Change from the known and ordinary,
to the daring and unexpected.
So I roam the paths I have chosen and those which have chosen me. 
Walking into the ever-changing abyss which forced me to fly.
And fly I did. 

To Transform


The engravings next to her eyes show for a lifetime of laughter.
Her grey hair shows for challenges overcome and her tears show for a great love lost.
So, when after a long time past, she met a partner in fait, she asked if they could live their lives being alone together.

To Love


He is the same, yet so different.
With the same piercing glance without light. 
His righteous mind without thought.
And in a blink of an eye, hearts filled with the love of whom who will remember.
In the deafening silence of words unspoken, I will remember.

To Die

Filmmaker: Fleur Bax

Musicians: Marketa Palova, Koen Wijnen, Michelle van Malsen, Alison Shek, Marinken van de Velde, Hanna de Bruin, Theo Decloedt, Manon Berendschot