Aura Composition

Aura Bouw

Is a composer based in Tilburg

who is

Her upcoming opera 'No Evil'.


collaborative work with dance collective 'Peeled Collective'. 


The music for the next chapter to 'Body Of Art' by Annemijn Rijk. 

Currently Working On


17 t/m 25 oktober
Re:Born at San Fransisco Dance Film Festival

San Fransisco, USA

08 november
Re:Born, film

Film festival, Durham, North Carolina, USA

29 november

Premiere of my new composition at the Concertzaal - Theaters Tilburg

10 december

 My new composition at the LocHal Tilburg

14 oktober
Re:Born film at Congres CLEVENT - 2021



The Dutch composer Aura Bouw is best known for her interdisciplinary shows and her imaginative way of storytelling. 

When composing her music, she first creates the story she wants to tell. 
Story is key and breaks through any borders that music-genres create.
This is why her music is best to be described as crossover. 

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Aura: "Music to me, is about connecting. 
Connecting with the audience, the audience connecting with the story it tells and with one another. 

I'm schooled in classical music, but am testing every boundary of music-genres because I believe that every story should be told without restrictions to the imagination.

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She is fascinated by the impact music and image has on thought, feeling and imagination. This why Aura often works with filmmakers, visual artists, dancers and musicians that inspire her.
The presentation is key and in Aura's interdisciplinary projects, she is always thinking about new, better ways to tell the story. 

Schermafbeelding 2018-06-20 om 18.59.11.


Aura: "I always work with a clear story that I want to tell. A message to the listener. My projects contain multiple art-disciplines, audiovisual technologies, classical and electronic music. It all connects through story". 


Annemijn Rijk


"I hear and feel a 'heart' in Aura's work... An individuality, something living... a lot of emotion. I find that to be very valuable."